Dienstag, 17. April 2012
The ECO-series

The ECO-series is the appropriate line of devices for efficient and easy control of contemporary lighting. As a result of the enormous flood of information that we receive daily, Elimpo has developed this range of dimmers especially for you.

These devices are easy to install, quick and simple to set up and are very convenient to use. These devices are extremely safe and they guarantee the user trouble-free convenience at all times. We at Elimpo always set great store by safety.

The options or extras have been very deliberately chosen with the aim of offering extra convenience and functions without sacrificing ease of use or added value.

Functions - Comfort

The ECO function is of course the most important one of all. It allows you to dim dimmable energy-efficient bulbs (ECO bulbs) and dimmable LEDs (230V). The number of dimmable LEDs and ECO bulbs available on the market is growing at a rapid rate. In this way we are also helping you to create an ecologically and economically responsible convenient installation.

The MEMO and ROOM function contribute to the creation of ambience and comfort. You can easily switch your light to the desired level with the Room function. The MEMO function retains your last settings for you.

With the BURGLARY/ALARM function you can create a sequence of "light movements" to protect your building. You can also give your alarm installation the job of operating the dimmers. In short, extra security is built in.

Thanks to easy installation, you can connect the desired dimmers and benefit from a number of extra options. You can switch the devices on or off together or independently. You can switch off with a delay (DELAYED SWITCHING OFF) or possibly with DELAYED DIMMING. The CONTROLLABLE DIMMING SPEED allows you to dim various devices/bulbs in a beautiful linear fashion or to turn them on and off, thereby increasing your comfort.

The Series

green-houseThe ECOSERIES consists of the 700, 800 and 900 series, that is built-in devices, triac-controlled devices and Mosfet-controlled devices respectively. In this brochure you will find the first series of products. Elimpo already has several new devices ready that we will add to the ECOSeries after testing and approval. This series of products will just keep expanding so as to be able to offer every user the right device, for easy and specially tailored installation.

You can contact Elimpo at any time for an answer to your questions and to obtain the required technical information. The Elimpo website is a source of information that can help you at any time, with everything from product information manuals to photos. It's definitely worth a visit!