The history of Elimpo

Sonntag, 24. Juni 2012

Elimpo started in 1987 as a nation wide distributor for electrical devices and components, then known as Electro Import. The products were mainly imported from different countries over Europe.

Since 1995 Elimpo has been introducing its own developments and products to the market. Some time ago Elimpo started up with small, high-performance electronic transformers for halogen LS lighting, followed by a compact built-in dimmer, the first single-module remote dimmer, timers, the relay module and the fluorescent light control, ……..

In 2003 Elimpo was the first in Belgium to launch LED lighting that could be directly connected to the 230V grid without an extra power supply or transformer.

With the introduction of all the new light sources such as ECO and LED lights and new energy-efficient ballasts, we are once more faced in every case with new challenges.

Despite our great variety of bulbs and power supplies and the continued lack of a standard, Elimpo is still succeeding in creating a new dimmer series for these types of loads.

Elimpo is proud to present its new Ecoseries in 2011. ECOlogical and ECOnomical.

At the moment all Elimpo products are available and in stock with all the major wholesalers in Belgium. Our products have also been available from various wholesalers for some time in the Netherlands, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and France.

Elimpo is growing and changing since 2012.
Since the middle of last year there has been a complete makeover of the company at Elimpo. You will understand that this is related to a lot of changes. First and foremost the whole Elimpo team went through a true metamorphosis. New people were attracted and the management was renewed.
Furthermore Elimpo wants to change its outside profile towards the electrical market. Previously where the approach was rather static, including design and development, production and sales; Elimpo wants to move forward in a more dynamic profile today. In this context we want to express ourselves as a dynamic and progressive company.
First and foremost, we want to move away from fixed product lines and products, and we want to specialize in more specific products. We do not claim that we deliver custom-designed work, but it comes very close and is very flexible.
The launch of our new lines and products will show this clearly. We refer to our larger variety of products that will be launched in 2013.
This also means that we willingly or unwillingly have to adapt our production and development to our new strategy. The diversity of these products result in a last minute completion of the final order. In addition, we want to listen to the needs of our customers and want to try respond very quickly to their question, to a feasible extent, of course. Customers who thus require a specific product can always contact us for information.

A new face and profile, new products and most of all a new vision.


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